Ultimate Dance Video right this way…..

Okay, before I show you the most amazing dance video ever produced, I need to spend a few minutes and talk about this amazing little event I had the opportunity to attend back at the end of Feb.

When I first heard the whispers of this pretty amazing idea, my senses were definitely in tune and I was ready to hear what they had to say.  You see, once you’ve had the chance to attend some of the larger photography workshops and events, you’re often not sure where exactly you fit in amongst the sea of people who, just like you, are photographers just barely getting by.  We all love this art, we all strive to be the very best only to feel defeated when we’re hit with wall to wall people at a conference.  I have been to numerous workshops and conferences. Over the years I have found myself seeking out chances to work with people on a much smaller and intimate scale.  So when the founders of Field Trip shared their vision, I knew I had to be part of it.

So, what is Field Trip…???  Check out the deets here…. Field Trip

What did Field Trip mean to me…???  Well…. it meant a whole lot.  It was a trip in the middle of a crappy winter.  It was a get away with my hubby.  It was a muddy mess (but soooo much fun). But mainly, it was an opportunity to listen, talk and learn from some of the most amazing and talented people in the photography community.  I got to spend time with many successful and honest people.  I got to sit at lunch with total strangers (and I liked it!!!) Most importantly, I took lots of pictures!

While I could go into what an amazing and deep experience this was (and it truly was), it was actually much more than that.  You see, Field Trip was a sort of home coming for me.  I grew up about an hour south of El Capitan Canyon. It had been almost 3 years since I had last visited.  My mother lives all alone in a small ranch style home in the San Fernando Valley.  My brother and his family live in Texas and me and my family reside in Ohio.  With 3 busy children, getting back to California is trip that often is just not possible.  Field Trip afforded me and my husband a chance to break free from our daily and stress filled grind.  We got to stuff our faces with In-N-Out Burgers (heaven on a bun).  We drove our trusty rental car through Topanga Canyon and over to the PCH (highly recommend that twisty, yet scenic route). I found an amazing B&B that fed us the most delicious brunch. We toured the beach and sidewalks of Santa Barbara. We even got lost on our way to the Santa Barbara Mission.  It was glorious!  Why? Because I was fully present, my husband was fully present.  All the distractions of life seemed to roll off our backs as fast as the rain fell from the sky. So THANK YOU Field Trip, for providing a chance for us to have some good ol’ FUN!!!

Okay, okay, yes, back to the pictures.  Here are a few of my favorite images from our trip in no particular order…

My toys: Contax 645, Nikon F3
Kodak Portra 400, Lomography 400 film, Kodak Gold 200, Tri-X 400.


So, the future… where does one go from here???  I participated in Nate Kaiser and Roger Ellsworth’s film developing class and rediscovered my love for the total hands on approach with my film.  My plan is to be able to incorporate that into the current work I do with families who have sick children.  Developing and scanning my own film will help to keep my expenses down, which for those who shoot exclusively film, you know that’s a HUGE deal!!! I also plan to incorporate some of the really awesome ideas I learned from the ever amazing Natalie Norton.  I enjoyed listening to many well loved photographers share their life stories like the beautiful Yan and the super sweet Jill Thomas. There is still so much I am processing through, it may take a while to really take in all the information I have swimming in my head.  Was it worth it???  Heck yeah!!!  Yeah Field Trip!!!

And now, the moment you have been waiting for… I present to you, my husband.  He was a total trooper, especially since he is not a photographer.  He came along for support.  I volunteered him to lip sync to non other than Katy Perry.  He took this moment and ran with it.  He’s a rock star in my book!!!

Before & After… {Amanda McKinley Film Photography}

My sweet friend.

Her gorgeous presence.

One darling baby.

A beautiful family.




IHeartFaces 2013 Conference… {Amanda McKinley Film Photography}

This past October I had the immense pleasure of helping out at the IHeartFaces Conference here in Columbus.

It was really neat to see the volunteer side of a major conference and even more fun to meet new friends and hug old ones.  I really had no set expectations for this conference other than having fun and taking a few pictures.

The 3 days consisted of a tour of Amish country, lots of seminars, a really great photo walk and a kick A$$ dance party.

These are a few of my favorite images from this fantastic weekend.


Cameras (Pentax 645, Olympus OM-2N, Lubitel 166)
Films (FujiFilm, expired Fuji, Kodak)

Thank you Amy and Angie for including me in this amazing event.  I had a blast!!


Anticipation… {Amanda McKinley Film Photography}

Growing family, beautiful location, yummy apples.


Pretty little things…. {Amanda McKinley Film Photography}

Last month Country Living Magazine’s  Fair came rolling through Columbus and I got the chance to go!  Amidst school drop offs and a doctor’s appointment for my littlest one, I packed my cameras up and headed to the Ohio Village.  It was a gorgeous day, not too hot, not too cold.  It was just right for doing a little people watching, antique shopping and picture taking.

I always look for opportunities to shoot for myself.  I believe personal work is the very thing that drives me as a photographer.  I have always loved details, things and of course people.  This was the perfect setting for being able to go nutso and take lots of images.  I even got the chance to talk to several people about shooting film.  It made for an amazing day.  I can’t wait until next year!!!