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Pictures, pictures, pretty little pictures… {Amanda McKinley Film Photographer}

I want YOU…. in front of my camera!

I am super stoked to offer mini sessions this fall and I want you to know all about it.


Here’s how it’s gonna go down…

You want pictures. Shoot me an email. I’ll send you an invoice. You pay me. I do a happy dance. I send you an email verifying your payment. You will get a second email from me in which we choose the time of your mini session and go over location/clothing details.

And since it’s Ohio, there is a rain date, JUST IN CASE!!!

Direct all email inquiries to

Got it!?! Cool!!!

It’s gonna be so rad!!!

P.S. If you didn’t know, all sessions are shot on film. Here’s a peek of some of my favorites…




Summer Randomness Part 1… {Amanda McKinley Film Photography}

I got my hands on a new camera, well, new to me that is!  I wanted a medium format camera that would be small enough to take on vacation, yet withstand all the numerous trips to the pool, park, zoo and wherever our adventures take us.  I picked up a sweet little Pentax 645 for practically pennies (it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to make great images).  I am so smitten with my first few rolls that I had to share!  I’m so in love, I even got him a big brother (shooting the Pentax 67 this weekend)!

These are a few random images from our visit to a local festival, the dino exhibit at the zoo and strawberry picking with friends.

Pentax 645 75mm 2.8 and various film stocks.


Deep in the heart of Texas… {Amanda McKinley Film Photography}

….lives my family.

My “little” brother and his sweet family welcomed my daughter and I over spring break as we celebrated Birthday Week 2013!!!

Say wha????  Birthday Week?  See, we like to share in my family and why only share toys when you can share your birthday!!!  On March 26th,  my daughter, my nephew and I celebrated 29 (plus or minus 8 years), 10 and 6 rotations around the sun together.  A couple days later, we celebrated my brother’s birthday too.  We’ve long talked about trying to be together on our birthdays, however 1700 miles separates us, which sort of throws a wrench into any plans.  However, this year things just fell into place. My mom even came out, so it really was a family affair.  I only wish my hubby and boys could have been there too.

I brought along my Contax and took a gazillion shots.  Personal work, even if it is just family is so important.  I knew I wanted to get images of my brother and his family, and as you can see, I was beyond thrilled with that chance.  I even got in front of the camera too.  It’s never too late to snap a few images of your loved ones.  Just do it before you regret NOT doing it!!!

So with that in mind, meet my family….


These are a few of my favorite things… A retrospective of 2012 {Amanda McKinley Film Photography}

It never ceases to amaze me how much can change over the span of a year.  This year was full of new photographic adventures starting with two amazing sessions with two families impacted by cancer.  There were family adventures, sessions with friends and an overall feeling of gratitude as I expanded my portfolio.  My photography is so much more than just taking pictures, it’s about connecting with people on a level that is so intimate and joyous.  I am humbled by those who step in front of my camera.

Thank you for allowing me to be a small part of your lives.  Here’s to a brand new and successful year!

38510013.jpg38540005.jpg38550030.jpg44630023-copy.jpg829332401.jpg829339407.jpg839717875 (2).jpg839718103 (2).jpg845420911.jpg845387067.jpg845416421 (2).jpg845406893 (2).jpg845406794 (2).jpg845405656 (2).jpg845400740 (2).jpg845395999 (2).jpgR1-02466-0013 (2).jpg845397417 (2).jpg849840312.jpg845402418 (2).jpg845411251 (2).jpg845407635 (2).jpg845413814 (2).jpg845414460 (2).jpg845414918 (2).jpg845419440.jpg845420237.jpg849828025.jpg849836790.jpg849828509.jpgR1-02466-0020 (2).jpg849829285.jpgR1-02463-0004 (2).jpg849829355.jpg849830265.jpg849830558.jpg849831403.jpg849831488.jpg849832067.jpg849834656.jpg849835054.jpg849835430.jpg849838117.jpg849838614.jpg849841173.jpg849841409.jpg849841178.jpg849841228.jpg849841911.jpg849842012.jpg849842214.jpg849843060.jpg849843363.jpg849839722.jpg849844338.jpg849844483.jpg849844574.jpgMOPS.jpgMOPS02.jpgR1-02639-007A.jpgR1-02400-005A (2).jpgR1-02638-019A.jpgR1-02639-012A.jpg000048160002.jpg000048210010.jpg000048160005.jpg000048160022.jpg000048190001.jpg000048120025.jpg000048120031.jpg000048120018.jpg000048130001.jpg000048130024.jpg000048180003.jpg000048180006.jpg000048150005.jpg000048180030.jpg000048140028.jpg000048170003.jpg000048170001.jpg000048140001.jpg000048170028.jpg000048140025.jpg02021.jpg0117.jpg0119.jpg0127.jpg0116.jpg0131.jpg0330.jpg


1 + 1 = adorable…. {Amanda McKinley Film Photography}

Sometimes pictures are better than words.